When a great home doesn’t sell, the reason is usually related to three important things. Get these wrong and your home may sit on the market or sell for less than it could.

There are the 3 biggest home selling mistakes that we see:


Sometimes what we think our home is worth and what it will actually sell for are 2 very different numbers. The truth is that homeowners or real estate agents don’t set the sale price of a home – the Market does. And if the asking price for a home is too far above market value, it may stay on the market for a long time. When it does sell it may sell for less than market value because it is now “stigmatized”. Buyers think there is something wrong with the property or they think they can get a deal.

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Your Home Doesn’t Look Its Best

The second big mistake that’s often made is not making your home look its best for likely buyers. At a minimum, your home should undergo a thorough cleaning before photos are taken and potential buyers visit. Remove art or decorations that would not appeal to most buyers. Repaint brightly colored or dark walls in a neutral tone. Make sure that the entryway looks its absolute best. First impressions really do matter! And make sure your Realtor hires a professional photographer. Photos shot on the best phone just don’t compare to professional photos.

Little or Outdated Marketing

Gone are the days when a Realtor could put a sign in the yard, put the home in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and pray it sells. 95% of buyers use the Internet to search for their new home. 86% of buyers search on their phone or tablet. If you want to reach the most potential buyers, you must go where they are. Ask your Realtor to explain their digital marketing plan. For example, we list our homes not only the syndicated sites like Zillow, but on over 350 additional sites. And we pay for advertising where it is most effective – on Social Media and the web. We can also provide Virtual Staging if your home is empty and Virtual Walk-through tours to be viewed online.

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