Our new book “How to SELL Your Home in Today’s Market: Sell Faster in the 21st Century” is now available on Amazon and major booksellers. There is a Kindle version on Amazon and if you order the print version, you get the Kindle version for FREE!


We had a lot of fun writing this book. We have a lot of material: eBooks, blog articles, emails and videos with a large amount of info for homeowners thinking about selling. But we wanted to bring it all together in one place and make it available to a wider audience.

We started thinking about this project last fall and began work in November. Creating the content wasn’t difficult because we had most of it already in other forms. Organizing it all and rewriting it so it blends well together took some time. We also added data and content that we don’t have available anywhere else. We’ve added things like the expected return on investment from various home improvements and a section on using Pinterest for example. Here’s what we say in the “What You Will Learn” section of the book:

In this book, we begin with the fundamental steps that must be taken for a home to sell in today’s digital world. Most of these principles aren’t new at all, but they have assumed an even greater measure of importance because of the way buyers find homes today. In the section on the use of technology to get in front of the right buyers, we explain some of the up-to-date marketing techniques we employ for our own clients.

Here’s a sample of what you will learn in the following pages:

  • How the Real Estate Market Has Changed
  • How Buyers Look for Homes Today
  • Finding Buyers Where They Are
  • How to Decide on the Right List Price
  • What Makes Buyers Choose One Home Over Another
  • Simple Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Home for Sale
  • The Importance of Using Up-to-Date Marketing Techniques
  • How to leverage Social Media to Help Sell Your Home

This isn’t a book based on theory – it is grounded in real-world results and industry statistics. You’ll be armed with information on how to leverage technology to get a leg up on the competition. We’ve included Case Studies that showcase examples of homes that didn’t sell at first and how they were eventually sold using the techniques in this book. We’ll also discuss how to go about finding the right Realtor to partner with to sell your home. We have included questions for you to ask Realtors during the interview process, so you have the knowledge to select a top-notch Realtor who can leverage modern techniques to sell your home for the best price in the right amount of time.

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